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Are You Ready to Step Into A New Leadership Role?
Have you ever wondered how Toastmasters works outside of your club? What is behind the scenes with Leadership training, the contests, and the conferences? Who are the people that put those together and help run the District to support you, the member?
You could be one of those people.
District Leadership provides an opportunity to grow your leadership and speaking skills outside of your club. There are so many skills you can gain and use in your personal and professional life from being in District Leadership. If you are wanting to fulfill a stretch goal, learn new skills, and present yourself at a different level, consider getting into a Leadership role. Watch this short video from Jack Mackey on his experience with District Leadership.
Are you ready for the next phase of your personal and professional growth by stepping into leadership?
Reach out to me to discuss this further.
Best Regards,
 Stephanie Srader, DTM
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