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Many of our Clubs are meeting virtually.
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Find a club that is the best match for you. Use the search box to narrow your results. For example, you can enter (without the ” “) “Thursday” in the search box for clubs that meet on Thursday. If you were to enter “Thursday 7” to find clubs that meet on Thursday at 7.

Click on “Club Details” to find the location and contact information on the Toastmasters International website

Club NameMeeting DateMeeting TimesCity LocationContact Information
A Taste of Success Toastmasters Club3rd Friday7:25 PMMetro Kansas City Club Details
AAFP Toastmasters2nd & 4th Thursday12:00 PMLeawood KSClub Details
Aero Achievers Toastmasters ClubWednesday16:45Wichita KSClub Details
AGCO Hesston1st Tuesday and
3rd Thursday
10:00 AM
3:00 PM
Hesston KSClub Details
AgMasters Toastmasters Club1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday11:30 AMKansas City MOClub Details
Articulators Club1st & 3rd Thursday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Barry-Lawrence ToastmastersThursday5:15 PMCassville MOClub Details
BCBSKS Toastmasters2nd & 4th Wednesday12:00 PMTopeka KSClub Details
Bluejacket Toastmasters1st & 3rd Thursday7:00 PMShawnee KSClub Details
BlueMasters2nd & 4th Thursday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Bonner Springs Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Monday7:00 PMBonner Springs KSClub Details
Bootstraps Toastmasters1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday12:05 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Building Speakers ClubThursday11:30 AMKansas City MOClub Details
Cerner Innovative ToastmastersThursday3:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Cerner's PowerSpeak IT Toastmasters ClubWednesday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Civil Discourse2nd & 4th Wednesday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
CU Toastmasters Clubnot open to publicnot listedSpringfield MOClub Details
Don't Stop TalkingFriday11:30 AMKansas City MOClub Details
Early Bird Toastmasters ClubMonday7:00 AMOverland Park KSClub Details
Empowered to Speak Toastmasters2nd & 4th Monday6:00 PMLeavenworth KSClub Details
EXCELlent Toastmasters ClubThursday12:00Wichita KSClub Details
Fed Masters Toastmasters Club3rd & 4th Wednesday2:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Fountain Head Toastmasters Club1st, 3rd & 5th Saturday10:15 AMKansas City MOClub Details
Freedom to Speak1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday12:00 PMLee's Summit MOClub Details
Garmin G.P.S.2nd, 4th & 5th Friday12:00 PMOlathe KSClub Details
Gorilla Toastmasters ClubWednesday12:00 PMPittsburg KSClub Details
Greater Joplin Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Tuesday12:00 PMJoplin MOClub Details
Hallmark1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Groover Labs ToastmastersWednesday6:30 PMWichita KSClub Details
Haworth-Wichita ClubTuesday6:30 PMWichita KSClub Details
Hays ClubWednesday12:00 PMHays KSClub Details
Heartland ClubThursday12:00 PMTopeka KSClub Details
HRC Toastmasters2nd & 4th Thursday12:00 PMTopeka KSClub Details
Jack's Springfield Speak-EZTuesdayemployees onlySpringfield MOClub Details
Junction City ToastmastersSaturday1:00 PMJunction City KSClub Details
KU Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Tuesday12:00 PMLawrence KSClub Details
KUMC ToastmastersWednesday12:00 PMKansas City KSClub Details
Lawrence Toastmasters ClubThursday12:00 PMLawrence KSClub Details
Leaders of Possible2nd & 4th Thursday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Leavenworth Club2nd & 4th Tuesday7:00 PMLeavenworth KSClub Details
Leawood Toastmasters1st & 3rd Thursday11:35 AMOverland Park KSClub Details
Lee's Summit Toastmasters Club1st & 3rd Monday6:00 PMLee's Summit MOClub Details
Lenexa Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Wednesday11:30Lenexa KSClub Details
Let's Grow SomethingThursday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Lionsgate Toastmasters Club1st & 3rd Thursday7:00 AMOverland Park KSClub Details
Manhattan Toastmasters1st & 3rd Monday6:00 PMManhattan KSClub Details
Marathon MastersThursday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Masters Club2nd & 4th Wednesday6:30 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Meadowlark Club1st, 3rd & 5th Thursday5:45 PMTopeka KSClub Details
Metcalf Toastmasters2nd & 4th Wednesday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Northern Nights Club1st & 3rd Monday7:00 PMRiverside MOClub Details
Olathe Sunrise Speakers Club1st & 3rd Tuesday7:30 AMOlathe KSClub Details
Plane Talk ToastmastersWednesday4:00 PMWichita KSClub Details
Plaza Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Monday6:30 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Power SpeakersWednesday7:00 PMTopeka KSClub Details
Powercat MastersTuesday7:00 PMManhattan KSClub Details
Pro-MO1st & 3rd Tuesday6:00 P<Kansas City MOClub Details
Professionally Speaking Toastmasters ClubThursday12:05 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Que Masters Club1st & 3rd Wednesday12:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Rivergate Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Monday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Security Benefit Toastmasters Club1st & 3rd Thursday12:00 PMTopeka KSClub Details
Semi Pro Toastmasters Club1st & 3rd Thursday6:00 PMWichita KSClub Details
Shook Masters1st & 3rd Thursday12:05 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Speak and Grow1st & 3rd Thursday12:00 PMSpringfield MO
Speak Easy Toasters2nd & 4th Tuesday11:30 AMOverland Park, KS
Speak The Truth Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Saturday4:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Speak Up Independence1st Wednesday
3rd Monday
12:00 pm
6:00 pm
Independence MOClub Details
Speaking EaglesThursday12:00 PMSpringfield MOClub Details
Spirit Of Liberty Toastmasters Club1st & 3rd Wednesday7:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Springfield Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Monday6:30 PMSpringfield MOClub Details
St Joseph Toastmasters Club2nd & 4th Monday7:00 PMSt Joseph MOClub Details
State Liners Club2nd Tuesday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Sunday Speak Easy Toastmasters2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday12:00 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Suburban Toastmasters2nd & 4th Monday6:30 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Sunrise Speakers Toastmasters ClubTuesday6:30 AMWichita KSClub Details
T.G.I.F. Club2nd & 4th Friday7:00 AMOverland Park KSClub Details
Table Talk ToastmastersSaturday8:00 AMJoplin MOClub Details
The BundlersTuesday4:00 PMWichita KSClub Details
Toastmasters Unlimited Club2nd & 4th Monday7:00 PMOverland Park KSClub Details
Top Box Toasters Club2nd & 4th Wednesday11:30 AMKansas City MOClub Details
Total Force McConnell1st & 3rd Friday4:30 PMMcConnell AF Base
Tower Talkers Club2nd & 4th Thursday7:00 PMIndependence MOClub Details
Tru Talkers1st & 3rd Tuesday6:00 PMIndependence MOClub Details
UFSC Empowered Leaders1st and 3rd Tuesday6:30 PMKansas City MOClub Details
Uptown Talk Toastmasters2nd & 4th Tuesday12:00 PMSpringfield MOClub Details
West Wichita Toastmasters ClubMonday6:30 PMWichita KSClub Details
Wichita Downtown ClubWednesday12:00Wichita KSClub Details
Wichita Jam'N Toastmasters ClubWednesday12:05Wichita KSClub Details