District 22 Annual Conference

It’s Time to Register for Your District 22 Annual Conference

“International Style”

We have an exciting virtual conference planned for you this year with an International flair! Please note there are three dates below – each has its own registration link and zoom call. We are offering a Bonus Education night in addition to our great Education Session during the conference.

Thursday, April 29 – Bonus Training Sessions
(Click here to register for this 4/29 session via Eventbrite.)
We want to make sure you have the best opportunity to attend training during our conference, so this year we will be offering a bonus training session you can register for on this date.
These events are open to all District 22 Members.
6:15 – 7:00 Join Catherine Capps who will provide great education on Pathways: A Journey Along a Path!
What does it take to go from start to finish along a Path in the education program? Find out more from Catherine. This is a Pathways training you won’t find in basecamp.
7:15 – 8:00 Join Dan Jarman and Darren Yarbrough for Sight & Sound / Heart & Mind: The Fine Art of Evaluating. 
In this session, participants will learn the secrets to creating and delivering high-impact evaluations that improve both speaker and evaluator.

Both individual sessions will be recorded for replay.

Click here to register for this 4/29 session via Eventbrite.

Friday, April 30 – DEC Meeting and Fun Event
(Click here to register for this 4/30 session via Eventbrite.)
For our DEC Members, which include: District Leaders, Area Directors, Division Directors, and assistants – we will have a fun activity followed by our Conference DEC Meeting on the 30th.
6:30-7:00 Fun Activity coordinated by Jerry Montgomery
7:00-8:30 DEC Meeting
Click here to register for this 4/30 session via Eventbrite
Saturday, May 1 – Annual Conference and District Contests
 (Click here to register for this 5/1 session via Eventbrite.)
For all District 22 Members – an event you don’t want to miss!!
9:00 am – 6:30 pm via Zoom.
We would love for you to dress up in your favorite country’s attire or country of origin. This is completely optional of course, but will help tie to the theme and fun of the conference!  We have a wonderful keynote speaker lined up – Luisa Montalvo
Her speech is “Stop, Look and Listen”
Luisa Montalvo was born and raised in South Texas. She later moved to Austin Texas where she worked at Abbott Laboratories for 25 years. She retired at the age of 53 and has been busy rescuing homeless dogs and cats and driving them to New York for the past three years. She has fostered and cared for over 850 homeless dogs.
She first joined Toastmasters in 1989 for 3 years when she worked at Abbott Laboratories. 
She then rejoined in 2013 and has been a member ever since. 
She competed in 2019 in the Toastmasters World Class of Public Speaking against 33,000 other contestants from 143 countries. She made it to the finals stage where she took 2nd place.

There will be three different Education Session Choices:

Larry Wilson “Improv Session”

In Table Topics, we get a question, stand alone while responding, then sit down. Improvisation is taking that impromptu further with dialogue and interaction with others – “Advanced Table Topics”. Improv is an “in the moment” activity while “playing” some Improv games. Much laughter and fun and maybe even some stretching the “uncomfort zone boundaries”.

Cody Isabel “Learning Like a Neuroscientist”
Today we have access to more knowledge than we have ever had. By simply saying “Hey Siri” you can know anything you want in seconds. This all-access pass to knowledge should make learning easy, right? As it turns out, the science doesn’t support this, quite the opposite is true. How do you clear the noise and develop the skill of learning how to learn? In this session, we’ll look to the brain and Neuroscience for these answers!”
Julie Olmstead “Tell Your Story”
Everyone has a story to tell and a wound to be healed. Everyone’s story deserves to be heard and healed.
Both the Table Topics and International Speech Contests will be conducted during this conference – amazing speakers to watch compete!
We will also hold our Annual Business Meeting and a Candidate Showcase for next year’s district officers and division director candidates. Your input is both valued and needed at this meeting to make our District 22 the best it can be!
There will be some fun activities during the day for you to enjoy.   The theme is ‘International”.  You are encouraged to on Zoom – where hats, outfits and more representing your favorite country or country of origin. This is optional but highly encouraged!
Click here to register for this 5/1 session via Eventbrite.